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Classic image search engines allow you to find images starting from a text. RevIMG, combining computer vision, image processing and analysis, allows you to find images starting from another image.
The result set is based on perceptual likelihood and sorted by similarity percentage.

RevIMG is flexible, reliable and fast.

What makes the difference? No tags, no hashing, no human intervention; RevIMG performs a real image analysis to quickly provide you the best result sets.

You can also customize your search. Do you need very accurate results? Or a wide range of similar images? High responsiveness is required? RevIMG is the reverse image search engine that suits your needs.

Take advantage of RevIMG's products and services:

  • Embed RevIMG search in your smartphone app or your website with our API
  • Photolocation: Get rid of outdated and expensive physical tags like QR codes and Beacons. RevIMG leverages image recognition and geolocation to let you recognize and access information about sites.
  • Manage your own images collections through RevIMG Dashboard and search in it with the RevIMG API. With RevIMG you can quickly search for similar images over millions of reference images.

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Likelihood Search customization Our products

RevIMG finds matching images, not just altered copies of a given image.


RevIMG provides results based on image likelihood as perceived by human eye and sorted by similarity percentage.


RevIMG's image analysis is fast enough to provide you the result set within a couple of seconds.


RevIMG's performances are independent of image dataset. Need to search over millions of images? No problem! RevIMG will do the job.

Who we are

We are a passionate startup based in Ravenna, Italy.
It all started out of our curiosity a few years ago.
Fun soon turned into passion such that we decided to incorporate as a company, making reverse image search our primary goal.

Innovation through passion... and hard work!

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